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Google Interstitial Crackdown: How To Prepare

Google Interstitial Crackdown: How To Prepare

This summer Google announced a change to search algorithms that could cause pages that contain overlays or interstitials to automatically rank lower in search results.

The change will take effect January 10,-2017 and is focused on mobile devices. Ads affected will include overlays/popups that cover the main page content, standalone interstitials that users have to dismiss before accessing page content, and above the fold full-page ads that require scrolling to see page content.

Examples of interstitials subject to the change:


While this change will definitely have an impact on many mobile ad portfolios, many publishers are seeing this as an opportunity to improve their mobile user experience by moving to less disruptive ad formats.

Here are just a few examples of great non-intrusive formats that are not affected by Google’s update:
Inline ads that appear between or within page content

RevealNative Responsive

Parallax Snap
Adhesion formats that are anchored at the top or bottom of the page

Bottom PlacementTop Placement

Overlays that launch on click
Get in touch to learn more about how Google’s update will affect you and your ad portfolio.