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Campaign Manager

Unified, cross-platform delivery for static, rich media, and video ad units with support for 20+ 1st party publisher ad servers and dozens of networks.

Low Latency Ad Servering

3rd Party Tracking Management

Advanced Optimization Algorithms

Creative Delivery Groups

Adventive Campaign Manager Screen

Scalable, Low Latency Ad Serving

Adventive’s Campaign Manager, a highly scalable, low latency ad server, integrates seamlessly with dozens of first party ad servers and networks, to prepare, tag, and traffic creative built with Design Studio, or uploaded directly to Campaign Manager.

Adventive CDN
0 +
Global CDN nodes, in 270+ cities, in over 100 countries
< 0 ms
Average ad server response time to ad requests
0 M+
Adventive ads have been served on over 60 million domains

Automatic Tagging

Adventive's Campaign Manager seamlessly integrates with the industries finest 1st party ad servers and networks to ensure proper rendering and accurate analytics

Advanced Campaign Control

Our comprehensive campaign manager provides the tools to easily organize your ad campaigns with sites and placements. Craft custom delivery groups to serve multiple ad units with a single tag for your desired ad experience. Add third party tracking for impressions, engagement, and viewability.

Self service, Managed Services or a Hybrid Approach.
We meet you where you are.