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Stop Storyboarding Rich Media

Stop Storyboarding Rich Media

When you go to buy a new car, the sales rep doesn’t show you a picture, talk about how fast the car is or how much ROI the car with provide. He throws you the keys and says have fun. You drive the car, love it, and unless you have any sort of self restraint, you buy it.

Up until now, it has been cost and time prohibitive for agencies to show fully functioning Rich Media units at the pitch stage. Instead, ads are mocked up in Photoshop and plopped into a PPT or PDF with notes. The AE and Creative Director will review how awesome and engaging the unit is going to be – hoping the client understands just how cool it ‘could’ be.


Instead of wasting time and money on static storyboards-you could pop into Adventive, drag and drop your canvas elements, add a component or two (a video, form or Facebook feed, for example), and BAM!-you now have a rich media unit. Not only is it live, fully functional and ready for your client to take a test drive, it’s also ready to traffic. Well, ready as soon as you get that pesky PO.