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Press: FAQs

Press: FAQs


Who and what is Adventive?
Adventive is a real-time digital ad platform, empowering forward-thinking agencies, brands, and publishers to create and execute rich media ad campaigns at the speed of the Web.

We’ve produced a suite of tools that cover the entire life cycle of the digital ad process:

Build: Adventive provides creative teams the ability to storyboard their designs in real time, add complex interactions such as expansions and rotations with the click of a button, boost engagement with drag-and-drop rich media components like streaming video, Twitter and Facebook integration and data capture forms. With real-time storyboarding, your organization has the ability to go from idea to launch within a matter of hours.

Traffic: Adventive’s seamless integration between our ad builder tool and campaign management system provides ad operations and trafficking teams the ability to create and publish campaigns in a matter of minutes. Adventive automatically generates ad tags without the need for coding or engineering resources. Adventive tags can be exported in various formats and, either imported into a third party server or, trafficked direct to site.

All creative media is hosted on Akamai’s state-of-the-art content delivery network. Higher speed, scalability and greater availability means your ads will load fast every time, anywhere in the world. And, with Adventive hosting your creative, you have the ability to edit, update or delete LIVE ads without ever contacting networks or publishers.

Optimize: Adventive gives you control of your campaigns and your data, removing the need to rely on the publishers and networks. Ad groups can be automatically optimized enabling easy A/B and multivariate testing, seamless creative rotation and in-flight. Monitor campaigns in real time with analytics data updated every fifteen minutes.


When was Adventive founded?
Adventive was founded in 2009 by David Koretz, Chairman & Founder.


What has Adventive been doing since 2009?
In 2009, Adventive developed one of the first rich media ad builders, largely serving publishers, like the New York Times and the Boston Globe, looking to scale their rich media ad operations.

In late 2012, after seeing just how incredibly complex digital advertising had become, Adventive set out to build the world’s first real-time digital ad platform. What began with an observation – that rich media ad campaigns took forever to create and execute – evolved into an intuitive, end-to-end digital ad platform designed to make rich media fast and easy, without sacrificing creativity.


Why does Adventive feel the digital ad industry is primed for growth?
Because it’s broken. We have an industry where spending is projected to grow nearly 20% in-2014, to $22 billion dollars. Programmatic buying is helping to fuel this growth. Some analysts suggest, that by-2017, digital display ads bought programmatically will account for the majority of display ad dollars. While we now have ad inventory at our fingertips, we still need to put something in those ads. The problem is that digital ad workflow is based on the traditional ‘big strategy-design-develop-launch-measure’ methodology. This linear creative process doesn’t allow agencies and advertisers to meet real-time marketing demands. Unless marketers accelerate messaging, they risk losing their audience.


Why is Adventive taking on digital ad display competitors like Pointroll and Spongecell?
The average rich media campaign takes about six weeks to create and execute, largely due to the unnecessarily complex nature of the digital advertising ecosystem.

There are an abundance of ad tech companies that offer platforms and tools that propagate long development cycles and inflexible campaign processes. Players like Google, Spongecell and Pointroll have actively encouraged this complexity by developing technology to support it. Adventive has developed technology that transforms the ad industry. We’ve created a real-time, digital-first ad platform from the ground up-reducing the time it takes to create and execute campaigns by 80%.

We also simplified how clients buy from us. Unlike our competitors, we don’t require minimums or contracts. All Adventive plans are cancel any time. There are no hidden fees for data collection or asset hosting and we don’t upcharge to serve rich media.


Who are Adventive’s clients?
Adventive partners with forward-thinking agencies, advertisers and publishers.


How does Adventive work with clients?
At our core, we are a technology company, offering a cloud-based, self-service digital ad platform. Our customers use Adventive to build, test, serve, traffic and optimize digital ad campaigns. We also help them to navigate the path from inflexible campaign workflow to an agile methodology.


Does Adventive also provide ad tracking and analytics?
Yes. Adventive believes that access to real-time data is imperative for a successful campaign. Unlike our competitors our data is updated every fifteen minutes, allowing customers the ability to immediately know what’s working and what’s not. Impressions and clicks are just the beginning; rich media requires a deeper look at engagement. Twitter Follows, Facebook Likes, video view length and hotspots, file downloads and form completions are just a handful of metrics available. Filter by geography, ad type and tech profile to better understand where and how audiences are engaging ads.


Is Adventive IAB compliant?
Yes, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) evaluates and recommends standards and best practices for interactive advertising, issuing compliance seals verifying companies are compliant with industry standards and guidelines.

Adventive has been issued the following seals from the Interactive Advertising Board (IAB):

Adventive IAB compliant

IAB Rich Media Creative Compliance
The Rich Media Creative Guidelines give advertisers and their agencies the ability to develop advertising content with consistent specifications, which are accepted by leading interactive publishers. Publishers who are compliant with the Rich Media Creative Guidelines self-attest that they accept, as a minimum, each of the creative specifications in the guidelines.

IAB Universal Ad Package
Publishers who are Universal Ad Package (UAP) compliant self-attest that they provide advertisers with at least one of the four ad UAP sizes (728×90, 300×250, 160×600 and 180×150) and that by using these sizes, advertisers have the ability to reach the majority of a publisher’s audience.


How long does it take to get up and running?
Adventive’s mission is to make creating and executing digital ad campaigns fast and easy. Most users are building high-impact rich media units on day one, regardless of technical knowledge.


Is Adventive built for mobile?
The industry is just now starting to define mobile standards. We have been watching the marketplace and talking with customers extensively about where mobile is heading. We are excited to see the shift away from the need for advertisers and agencies develop separate units for mobile and desktop to cross-platform, responsive ad units. HTML5 is emerging as the new standard for ad technologies. Adventive will be ready to meet demand for cross-screen ad delivery, streamlining ad workflow and reducing operational costs.

Currently, Adventive supports all IAB mobile static units, including mobile static interstitial, wide and standard banners and high-resolution templates for double density and Retina™ displays.


What is Adventive’s revenue?
Adventive is a privately held company and we do not comment on revenue, the industry predicts online spending will grow by 17% annually to $28B. Rich Media spend will increase 112% to $11B and in-2014, interactive display will make up 41% of online advertising. Adventive continues to grow market share as agencies and advertisers look for agile solutions to meet today’s real-time marketing demands.