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Press: Adventive Disrupts Ad Tech Scene

Press: Adventive Disrupts Ad Tech Scene

With Real-Time Solutions for Digital Display Advertising

February 10,-2014 (Rochester, NY) – – Adventive, an agile, cloud-based digital ad platform, launched in November-2013, is disrupting the ad tech scene by reducing the time it takes to develop engaging rich media ad campaigns from weeks to hours. Adventive is designed to bring order to the complexity of digital ad workflow, empowering forward-thinking agencies, brands and publishers to develop and deliver digital ad campaigns at the speed of the Web. By combining a powerful, yet easy-to-use, creative toolkit with an end-to-end ad management, delivery and analytics platform, Adventive brings the speed and accessibility of social media to digital display.

“Our mission is to make digital display fast and easy, without sacrificing creative flexibility. On average, it takes more than a month to develop a rich media campaign. We’ve cut that time by 80%,” said CEO, Jeffrey Lambert.

Previously, digital ad platforms like Google’s Doubleclick, offered brands and agencies tools that are built around an inflexible, linear development process making creative updates and optimization costly and challenging. While other platforms can help streamline management and foster collaboration, they can also leave users overwhelmed.

“While we were building the Adventive platform, our goal was to create an experience that was simple, yet more useful,” says Beth Kribs-LaPierre, VP of Marketing. ” The first question we asked was did digital advertising really need to be this difficult? We were amazed at the complexity of rich media campaign development. There is a process problem, an elephant in the room, and it’s workflow. Adventive enables an agile creative process that embraces the unexpected.”

Why is Adventive a game-changer? Adventive is transforming the digital advertising industry with technology that makes traditional advertising platforms, tools and processes obsolete:

Agile Workflows: Generate ad tags on the fly, automatically. Automated testing, seamless creative rotation and one click publishing. Centralized management and control of creative and data.

Real-time Toolset: Up to the minute analytics, live storyboarding, real-time updates to live ads, preview and QA in a live ad serving environment

Creative Flexibility: Access to industry-leading, high impact ad formats and drag-and-drop rich media components- no coding required, social content integration Adventive allows users to build, deliver and optimize rich media ad units in real time, resulting in faster turnarounds, greater relevancy and higher margins.

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Adventive is a real-time digital ad platform empowering forward-thinking agencies, brands and publishers to develop and deliver digital ad campaigns at the speed of the Web. Founded in 2009, Adventive developed one of the first rich media ad builders. Adventive has continued to innovate, expanding the Adventive Platform into an intuitive end-to-end digital ad platform designed to make rich media fast and easy, without sacrificing creativity.