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Outstream Video Boosting Viewability

Outstream Video Boosting Viewability

Outstream ads are popping up all over the place – and for good reason. Outstream ads are in-feed video ads often placed between articles, paragraphs of text or images on a site. Outstream ads have some of the highest viewability rates as they can be placed anywhere on site and are triggered only when in view.

MarketingLand reports a recent study which found that browsers actively watch outstream ads for 25 percent longer than other types of video ads.

According to the same study, outstream ads created a 10 percent lift in brand awareness over other video ad formats, which is especially important for small and midsize businesses looking to branch out and grow their customer bases.

And thanks to Adventive’s autoplay video technology, outstream ads load beautifully across desktop, tablet and mobile – including Android and iOS.