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Google Drops Support for Flash-Formatted Ads + Swiffy

Google Drops Support for Flash-Formatted Ads + Swiffy

Earlier this week, Google announced it would no longer serve Flash-formatted display ads after June 30,-2016.

Currently users can still upload Flash creatives, which are automatically be converted to HTML5 with Swiffy – Google’s HTML5 conversion tool.

However, after July of this year no new ads will be converted through Swiffy. Meaning if you’ve got an advertiser that’s still providing Flash files or legacy creative you still need to traffic that your out of luck. It sounds like Swiffy might stop being supported as well.

Google goes on to explain that they’ve ‘ensured advertisers have multiple resources on HTML5 ads with the Adwords Ad Gallery (how is this an HTML5 resource?) and Google Web Designer (a product still in beta, totally siloed and requiring manual export and upload of HTML5 files.

Fortunately, Adventive has you covered. We have no plans to decommission our HTML Import Component, allowing you to import HTML Files from Adobe Flash and Muse.

Learn more about the end of Flash support and Flash to HTML conversion here, here and here. Whether you’re an Adventive customer or not, we’re here to help. So get in touch if you have any questions about migrating to HTML5.