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A Better Way

A Better Way

Let’s face it-display advertising in the digital space has gotten a bad rap. And, probably rightfully so. Until retargeting came along, serving ads to “targeted” users and groups essentially came down to throwing darts at a specific site, publisher or network. There was (and still is) waste-way too much waste. For way too long, we’ve been serving ads that offer no value to their audience. Our industry has created and served ads within drawn out campaigns that are often irrelevant or even downright annoying. It’s no wonder internet users have grown accustomed to training their eyes to ignore ads on the pages.

Come on people. We’re better than this.
In today’s world of seemingly unlimited data, the way into users’ hearts shouldn’t be a fairytale scenario. Users now come with piles data as they journey around the digital world. Web histories, delicious cookies, purchase intent… the data gathering goodness goes on and on. So why isn’t our industry taking advantage of this big data? Isn’t there a better way to move display forward?

We’re glad you asked.  Using data to enhance display campaigns can not only enhance conversion and click rates, but it can also increase relevancy and experience for the users. Imagine if, rather than being bombarded with dancing mortgage ladies or “meet the love of your life” ads, users received useful information that actually matched their needs and desires? We have data at our fingertips that can do the targeting dirty work for us. Data can be used to differentiate between a diehard Jets fan on the East coast and a 49ers fan on the West. Oh… and did we mention this can be done in real-time?

Digital advertising communications shouldn’t be a turnoff for users. It should be useful. It should provide value. It should make their Internet lives better. The customer intelligence stockpile is growing every day. There should be an easier way. Fortunately, there is. Together, we can make the digital space a better place.