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2013: Year In Review

2013: Year In Review

Like much of the digital advertising industry,-2013 was a big year for Adventive.

We had 18 new platform releases – introducing creative groups that enable dynamic optimization, the addition of rising star templates, the ability to upload external Flash and rich media creatives, mobile ads, and improvements to Account and Asset management.

We overhauled the Adventive UI, with the needs of our users our first priority. Completely redesigned, our digital ad platform is easier, leaner and smarter than ever. got not one, but two redesigns. We’re shooting for three in-2014. 🙂

We added some new talent to our team: Kyle Chapman, Account Manager Extraordinaire and Patrick Reed, Fearless Engineering Team Lead.

We’ve made a lot of new friends. To our agencies, advertisers, publishers, designers, directors, producers, traffickers, managers, visionaries and game changers – thank you for an incredible year. Here’s to a great-2014.


Adventive Team
Happy New Year