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Publishers Prepare for the Flash-Pocalypse: Embrace HTML5 Ads

Publishers Prepare for the Flash-Pocalypse: Embrace HTML5 Ads

The buzz started last month when Google Chrome and Firefox announced they would block Flash content by default. Heck, even the IAB (who’s notoriously late to the party) has issued an upgrade to it’s Display Creative Guidelines that ” fully embraces HTML5″.

But it wasn’t until TechCrunch published it’s own love note to Flash titled “Farewell To Flash“, urging publishers to prepare for the upcoming flash-pocalypse, that the ad tech industry started to get concerned.




But not too concerned. We took a look at the ads running on Techcrunch. Roughly half of the ads being served on the desktop site were still Flash, some powered by other ad platforms. To Salesforce, UPS, Progressive, and Dropbox – we’re ready when you are.



















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