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Press: About


Founded in 2009, by David Koretz, Adventive developed one of the first rich media ad builders.  Since then, they have continued to innovate, expanding their platform into an integrated, intuitive end-to-end digital ad platform. Based in Rochester, New York, Adventives’ mission is to make rich media fast and easy, without sacrificing creativity.

Based on extensive industry and customer research, Adventive found rich media campaign development to be unnecessarily complex and slow. The Interactive Advertising Bureau recommends 52 days create and execute rich media campaign. Industry experts and Adventive’s customers agree, saying campaign turnaround was often month, six weeks, sometimes longer-from plan to launch.  A lot can happen in a month; new competitors emerge, consumer preferences change, trends and strategies shift. Often customers were left asking, “Will our message even resonate in a month?”

Does digital ad production really need to be this complicated? Why is this linear, labor-intensive process the norm? Adventive redefines digital ad workflow, enabling an agile process that embraces the unexpected and allows agencies and advertisers to adapt and respond in real time. By reducing the time it takes to develop campaigns from months to days, Adventive brings speed and accessibility to digital display advertising.

How did we reduce the turnaround so dramatically? First, Adventive assessed current rich media campaign workflows to better understand where bottlenecks occurred, and focused on developing technology to automate manual tasks, like tagging and optimization, to streamline workflow. Next, they added drag-and-drop rich media components like Twitter, Facebook and forms, baked in a library of high-impact ad formats, and wove it all together in an intuitive user experience that doesn’t require hours of training to relearn everything.

The result: A powerful, yet easy-to-use, end-to-end ad management, delivery and analytics platform, empowering forward-thinking agencies, brands, and publishers to create and execute digital ad campaigns at the speed of the Web.

Joining David Koretz, former VP of Products & GM Counter Security at Juniper Networks, on the board are other notable luminaries including B. Thomas Golisano, founder of Paychex; Walter Turek, former SVP Sales and Marketing, Paychex; and Gary Polisseni, founder of RTI Telecom, GP Associates and the Polisseni Agency.