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How “Real” is your Real-Time?

How “Real” is your Real-Time?


It’s no secret. Advertising requires measurement to know what’s working vs. what’s not. Theoretically, we should be able to make quick changes based on campaign KPIs and ad analytics. (You know, that whole real-time marketing thing-optimizing campaigns based on real data?) While good in theory, and certainly being executed on certain platforms, its true definition has escaped the majority of the display ad industry.

This just shouldn’t be the case. We can measure digital efforts much better and much more quickly than traditional forms of media. This is especially true with rich media. We have data on impressions, clicks, time spent, video views, interactions, social engagements… the list goes on. While analyzing all of these metrics can be time-consuming, it doesn’t compare to what we used to have to do to optimize ads.  In the past, even if we were able to get real-time data, we still had to jump through hoops (email, zipping, uploading, calls, meetings) to actually make improvements to optimize ads based on that data. Creative needed to be revised, re-approved, re-uploaded, re-tagged, re-trafficked. This is far from real-time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of a digital display ad world of “Let’s see what the next monthly report says, then we’ll make some revisions after that?” we optimized and improved on the fly? User behavior is adapting  by the minute. Our advertising needs to keep up.

The problem hasn’t been the lack of real-time data- it’s been the lack of opportunity and technology to make real-time changes to ads.  Luckily, we think we’ve helped solve that problem.